A New Reign

Interview By Boma Jack
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How did you guys form a band?
Tim: We initially formed this band; Jeremiah and I. We’ve been long childhood friends, have been jamming for years and decided that we wanted to start a band. So, we started collecting this wonderful roster of people; actually, the majority through Craigslist and Word of Mouth.

Jeremiah: Andrew was our Craigslist killer and Jimmy was our high school buddy from a while ago.

Andrew: It just fell into place.

How long have you guys been together?
Tim: Actually, we just celebrated our one year anniversary as a band on New Year’s.

Why the name?
Tim: The name “The New Reign”; it’s kind of funny actually. Jeremiah and I were kicking ideas around and I had heard something on Elliot in the Morning. All he said was “Reign”; he used the word in a conversation and I was like, “well, that’s pretty cool.” So, I called Jeremiah up and we had been calling each other up all day like weirdoes; someone would pick up like, “band name!” [Laughs]
I just called him up one day and I was like, “The New Reign”. He was like, “I can hear that, I can hear that.” As simple as that, it just popped out. Thank you, Elliot. [Laughs]

Andrew: I still think it should have been “Jerry and the Fuddruckers”. [Everyone Laughs]

Tim: Yeah, that will be our secondary folk project down the road; “Jerry and the Fuddruckers”.

What have you guys been doing recently as a band?
Andrew: Everything. [Laughs]

Jimmy: Well, right now we’re in the transition of me playing guitar and then, getting a new bass player to create a 5 piece set.

Tim: The transformation; from a four piece set into those guitar harmonies all day long.

Andrew: Yeah, we’re taking what we have on our CD and making it live.

Tim: Absolutely. This past year, 2014, was a big year for us because most of us were basement musicians. We spent our entire life basically rifting it out and nobody ever hearing it. 2014 has been a very important structural year for The New Reign. We put together a solid roster of really good guys and we’ve been cranking really hard on creating music that we can be proud of. We’re doing a lot of cool stuff. We just recorded our EP and are now in the process of creating a 5 piece band. Then, we’re looking to hit the scene like a goddamn atom bomb.

Andrew: 2014 was pretty much laying out the frame work and the whole foundation of what we want to do, and we just keep building upon that. We’ve done quite a bit for a year so far. We went to Indiana and did a tour down to South Carolina. We’re definitely trying to get out there. We’ve been working the tri-state area and we’re looking to expand upon that.


So, you guys did a tour last year?
Tim: We did a tour down to the east coast in November. We did six locations; it was a hell of a time. We met some really, really good people and had a really, really good experience doing what we love to do for people; just to roll around, eat cheap Dollar Store/menu food and be cramped in a car together. It was great to go to sleep; every night that we did that was like, “you know what? We’ve had a hell of a day and we’re all beat, but our work today was doing what we love.” It was a really cool experience for us and we look forward to definitely progressing upon that this year.

That’s pretty impressive. You guys haven’t even been in a band for a year and you’ve already toured.

Tim: We try really hard. We are a very, very labor intensive band. We all take a very professional disposition in our music. We love it, you know? It’s our fun. We have a message to give to the world and we are working very, very hard to make that a reality in this day in age. We’re always on the grind at TNR. We practice 3-4 days a week; it’s our lives. I feel like we as a group, a tight neck group of brothers that we’ve become, I feel good about us. We’re doing well but, we have a lot to accomplish. We have a lot to share with the world, but I feel like this year has been a very prosperous year for us and a good prequel for what is to come.

Tell us more about your EP.
Tim: We wanted to do a longer EP; more like an LP. I think it’s called a nine track.

Andrew: It would be more of an EP. I’d say that the one we have now is more of a sampler. It’s not necessarily a full EP, but it gives you the taste of what we sound like. It’s got the melody, the crunch and the heavy.

Jeremiah: That’s just basically something tangible to have for when we went on tour.

Andrew: We always get people asking for CD’s like, “where can I get your music?” If we have them, we’ll give it to them.

Do any members have a side project that they would like to talk about?
Tim: Andrew does a lot of audio engineering work.

Andrew: Just a little bit.

Tim: He’s about as humble as they get, but he’s a genius.

Andrew: Here, we don’t really outsource anything. Everything we put out is by The New Reign. The merchandise, recordings, video production; everything is done by us. That’s another thing we’re always pushing; we’re always trying to do better.

How often do you guys play out and where?
Andrew: Typically, we usually play out about 4 times a month when we’re in that mode. Right now, we’re getting ready for Jimmy to transition and getting another bass player. However, I would say about 4 times a month; if we can play more, we try to. We try to get out as much as possible.

Tim: We try to diversify where we play as much as possible. We’ve gone as far west as to Indiana and as far south as to Myrtle Beach. We love meeting people; that’s the industry that we’re in. We love making music and friends.

10609634_483653541770052_5667731478901134738_nWhat’s the band’s influence?
Jimmy: Lamokillswitch. [Everyone Laughs]

Tim: Lamokillswitch. That is perfect. We like a lot of shit.

Jeremiah: We all like a lot of shit, but there’s only a select few bands we collectively like.

Tim: We love Lamb of God; everybody loves Lamb of God. We all love Killswitch. We like anything that has a good balance of talented musicians and catchy music. We try to really let our influences show. When people hear us, they always have something to connect with what they like.

How do you guys write music?
Tim: I’ll make a riff, he’ll make a riff, he’ll make a beat, he’ll just have these ideas and we’ll be like, “hey douche-bags, I’ve got an idea” and we all just go around the table. We really pride ourselves in being a team in The New Reign. We all help each other. It’s a big, happy, kumbayfuckingya group effort. But, the best stuff happens randomly. [Laughs]

Where do you guys see yourselves in the next year or so?
Tim: Mayhem.

Andrew: That would be awesome, but that would definitely take a lot of work.

Jeremiah: Getting a bigger fan base.

Tim: Shiley Acres. That’s our TNR New Year’s resolution, Shiley Acres. I think a year from now; we just want to be doing what we love more frequently.

Is there anything else you guys want to say before we wrap this up?
Tim: We love our fans more than anything else in this entire world.

Jeremiah: Yeah, we wouldn’t still be doing this if it wasn’t for our fans.
Tim: Keep an eye out; we’ve got big plans for you guys.

Jeremiah: Spread the word, get us heard.

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Boma Jack is a photographer with Lost in Sound Photography, writer for Alchemical Records Magazine and drummer for Baltimore based rock band Steel Samurai.