John Scargall’s Breakthrough Today

John Scargall’s Breakthrough Today
By: Daniel Warren Hill
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Today is the release of John Scargall’s new record “Breakthrough”. We weren’t even smart enough to request a promo copy from John when we did this brief interview with him, so we’re going to order our copy just like we hope you will. We’re really excited to hear new music from John. He is an incredibly talented, hard working, heartwarming person to spend time with, and we’re proud to support his music and his humanitarian efforts. We sat down with John last month to get a behind the scenes look at the new record. 

Dan: You’ve been receiving a lot of attention for your music and your charitable contributions from various radio and tv opportunities. What would you say is your secret to successfully reaching some of these media tastemakers?

John: Ya know the biggest thing I think we’re doing, is we’re thinking differently than a lot of other artists. Like, we’re playing at NASCAR races and we’re pitching video games and we get the theme song for the NASCAR video game (“Leave It On The Track”, co-written with fellow band member Christian O’Connor”). Not that it’s good or bad, a lot of other artists do a very traditional play shows and open for a bunch of artists. Which is great. It still works. But I’m all about how can I do things differently, and I think that’s what is really resonating with the press and media.

With me, I’m a big animal lover. I do a lot of work with animal charities, specifically PACT, but that’s not usually something that’s integrated into a music career. I tell everyone this is something I’m about and is part of myself, and who I am. I’m just going to be me, and the media seems to be responding to that.

It’s true. Both members of the press, and fans are very responsive to John’s music and pursuit of being true to himself, and he’s humble and grateful in a way that you can only experience for yourself when you meet him.

“My music is only available to the world because you care about it. And because you care about it, we are able to raise awareness of animal welfare and environmental problems throughout the world. And this is only the beginning.”


10% of the proceeds from physical CDs purchased online will go to PACT for Animals, an organization that provides free foster homes for pets of kids in the hospital and members of the military on deployment (Purchase the Physical CD NOW here:

“These guys are absolutely amazing. I’ve cried while watching their videos. PACT shows and preserves the true emotional bond that humans and animals can share.” Here’s a video showing a typical PACT reunion: (

Tell me about the TV show that you recently performed for. What was the experience for you, and what do you hope to come out of it.

It was a great show called, “Steel Sessions”, and the whole show was…we just played. We played a half hour set but we made it for TV. As far as the experience, there was three or four cameras, and the guys running them around on their shoulders, about sixty people in the studio audience, which is a nice size studio audience for a TV studio. So there was not only the taping and filming but also the preparation really helped me as an artist, and my band even, to get to the next level.

For TV, we had to be so tight musically and timing wise because there’s a very narrow window. It was a half hour set and everything has to fit into their programming or it will get chopped up and edited and won’t make as much sense. We really practiced hard and I thought my band did a great job. That was a really great experience. It wasn’t like I was starring on Walking Dead or something like that, nonetheless it was a huge, huge, boost because even people that are making music, even those that are relatively successful have never been on TV.

Do you have aspirations of guest starring or even a lead role in Walking Dead?

Well, I could be a zombie. What’s the new one? Fear the Walking Dead? The spinoff. That would be cool to be on.



“Breakthrough” is a total of ten tracks, and features 3 totally new songs, which John has never posted online before. Though you may have heard the previous seven tracks on website or YouTube, none of them have been released on CD, or Amazon or iTunes til now.

The title track, “Breakthrough”, is indicative of what listeners could expect on future recordings.

I hope you enjoy the album, but not just enjoy it, I hope you live it. I hope you live out loud and stand up for what you believe in. I hope it makes you laugh when others think they can tear you down. Most of all, I hope you constantly Breakthrough to greater happiness, depth and fulfillment, your entire life.

To watch a video of a portion of our interview, featuring a more in depth look at John’s relationship with his label, Phosphorylative Entertainment Group, and the work they do together, click here.

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